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The House of the
Secondhand Souls 4 Occult Arts

Secondhand Souls    Where we can play forever and ever and ever....

Welcome Occult Arts
to the Occult Arts
....where ghost stories meet reality.
....where reality meets with the obscure.
....this is where we'll find the haunting's of our souls,
our thoughts, our beliefs.

I am hear to hold your hand on the journey you are about to take. Where your earthly realm is left behind and a new door is opened. A passage way to haunted memories. Come join the Secondhand Souls for we can play for ever and ever and ever.....

Are you alone? Is it dark?
Close this door on the unknown.
You have been warned.


Ghost Pictures

remove the veil of the unknown and enter
The House of the

Occult Arts

OK, that was fun. You are visiting Secondhand Souls 4 Occult Arts, thank you for stopping by.

I have posted several articles that cover topics for occult minded people. Topics range from the paranormal, supernatural, divination, haunting's, real ghost stories (my favorite). You are invited to share your own ghost story and any photos of ghost. Please, keep it real. All stories are reviewed before they become live on this website. I have a real nice informative chapter on ghost hunting that you may enjoy. All this for FREE.

Learn how to read your own tarot cards or learn fortune telling with a regular deck of cards known as cartomancy. Instructions and layouts included FREE.

Your New Age Shopping Center is finally open!!! Come on in and check out the new design and the Crazy Low Prices.
Your New Age Occult Shopping Center.

I really want to make you happy and a satisfied customer that will return often to this site. If there is something you would like to see offered in the store, give me a and I'll see what I can do to accommodate.

It's been a pleasure introducing you to this site.
Thank you for stopping by.
Best regards,
Soul Walker

Check out the Marketplace, you'll find some interesting 3rd party information here. View by topic of interest.

No bad dreams now and aw, leave the light on please.
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